Seattle Farmer’s Markets to Showcase Beer?

Beer: Coming soon to a Farmer's Market by you!

***UPDATE: I received the below email and thought it might be helpful for readers:

“You mentioned a bill in the Senate regarding beer/wine tasting at Farmers markets. If you and/or your subscribers want to follow the bill through the Legislative process, you can easily do so at the TrueLobby website!

Here is the link:

The site is free.

Best Regards,
Mike Sherstad
TrueLobby Founder”***


Booze at farmer’s markets? Yep.

A new legislative action by Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles would bring beer and wine sampling to Seattle’s wondrous farmer’s markets. The bill is being introduced in the State Senate as SB 5029 and can be reviewed by following this link.

Apparently, this legislation is modeled after a recent law that permits the sampling of beer and wine at grocery stores. But, this first step is a simply a “test kit”, targeting 10 sample markets and limiting sampling to one brewer or winemaker per market, per day.

We will be sure to follow the legislation through the voting process. But, I think that most will agree that its a great first step to bringing our great state’s most celebrated craftsman to the market – the brewer.

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