Big Court Win For I-1183 Supporters – Right Before New Years

Liquor laws going to court


Well, its the final days of 2011.  A whole year expended, and a big decision about changing the alcohol game in Washington has been made. 2012 will bring big changes set forth in Initiative 1183 – unless two groups of litigants can bring implementation to a stop.


Just this week, we got word that the court in Washington Association for Substance and Violence Prevention (WASAVP) v. State, a Cowlitz County lawsuit, decided that intervening supporters of I-1183 would be allowed to join the defense and that a preliminary injunction request was denied. In doing so, the court lends a big blow to the plaintiffs trying to knock I-1183 back.


As we ease into 2012, I presume that there will be a lot of talk about this lawsuit (as well as the other suit in King County. Stay tuned – and Happy New Year!




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