TTB Continues Impressive Streamlining of Its Procedures

Labeling submission requirements are seeing changes.


Back in September, I mentioned that the TTB had decided to try and cut the fat from its existing COLA procedures. My article discussed one of their efforts, a reduction of the personalized label submission requirements. But the TTB has been streamlining its procedures elsewhere.


Thanks to the good people at BevLog (a must follow alcoholic beverage law blog),  I was able to get my hands on a recent post by the TTB. The post describes their entire Certificate of Label Approval Streamlining Efforts, including both those already accomplished and those in the pipeline.


BevLog has so kindly PDF’d the webpage and provided it on their own site for your viewing. But here is a rundown of some of the important changes that might make your label submission duties a bit less burdensome:


  • New e-mail suggestion box
  • No longer reviewing labels for type size and other image file-related concerns
  • The aforementioned personalized label reduction
  • Implementation of Formulas Online (helps to simplify sample/formula submissions)
  • New website FAQ
  • More public disclosures of processing time


In the pipeline are these initiatives:


  • comprehensive revision of labeling regulations
  • changes to COLA Online
  • paper and online applications will be processed online
  • new forms


Stay tuned for more news on these long term changes. Many of those changes may require some additional training on your part.



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