The Brewery Licensing Package: A Flat Fee Service That Tastes Great

Yes! Get your licensing work done, at an affordable rate.


Everyone has to do it, but not everyone has to go through it. The federal and state permit and licensing processes can be incredibly tricky for most breweries, oftentimes because you are busy preparing your facility, launching marketing and making good beer. I certainly understand that you cannot do everything.


Over the past few years, Reiser Legal PLLC has developed an exhaustive list of alcoholic beverage law services. Through experience and expertise my law practice has been able to develop a cost-affordable flat fee licensing package that everyone can stomach.


Reiser Legal now offers a federal and state licensing package for an affordable rate that brewers of all sizes can afford. The package includes assistance with the TTB Brewers Notice and Washington or Louisiana State Microbrewery License applications processes. All you have to do is provide some vital information, documentation, and a steady line of communication.


If you have more questions about this fee package, or other services available from Reiser Legal, please contact the office using the contact form or e-mail


Brewers don’t have to labor through the trials and tribulations of the TTB and state authorities. Let us do it for you. Relax and make great beer.


One thought on “The Brewery Licensing Package: A Flat Fee Service That Tastes Great

  1. Enjoying this blog. I have trademarked Breakeneck Brewing (intent to use) in the lower Hudson Valley, New York (near perpetual tourist attraction Breakneck Ridge hikes.) I have also secured a web domain for same. Problem is, I am not a brewery yet–instead, I expect to out-contract with one of many somewhat-near brewers and then distribute bottles or cans. Whether I am able to self-distribute or sell to distributors (both would be fine) I am not interested in retail. Do you offer services that would enable me to set up the New York licenses and agreements needed that would finally allow me to have the product made by a brewery? I am not sure where to start…thank you in advance for your response. –Brian

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