Single Serving Slayer – Sacramento

I don't need 6 beers - just 1. Ok, maybe 2.
I don’t need 6 beers – just 1. Ok, maybe 2.

In my “under the bus” column this week (this is not a regular column but it should be), I will be placing the City of Sacramento.


Thanks to the efforts of some justifiably ticked off brewers, it has come to the brewing world’s attention that good ole Sac-Town has a standing prohibition against the sale of beer in anything less than a 6 pack. Yes, that means that you will not see a 22oz Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, or even a 16oz bottle of Pliny the Elder.


Um, what the heck, Sacto. According to the good word from the folks at Western Pacific Brewing (Oroville, CA), the city instituted this law back in the early 1990s to curtail the wonderful practice of cracking a 40oz of Schlitz Blue Bull and hanging out in your favorite parking lot (ah, memories). Unfortunately, the law inadvertently really puts a hurting on local brewers who would love to jump on the 22oz bottle craze.


So does this prohibition make sense? No way. Can you still buy a 750ml bottle of red wine for $6.00? Ya dang right. ┬áDo the people in Sacto really have to keep buying a sixer just to try a new release? Let’s hope not.


There is an active movement led by a council person to try and create an exception to this law. I am all for it. God knows we don’t need to deprive the new generation of SacTowners the ability to practice the great art of “Edward 40-hands.”


Get this law changed. Help your local brewers.

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