Government Shutdown Hits TTB: I Guess We Don’t Need a License Eh?….And Other Stupid Jokes

TTB NO MORE! Just kidding.
TTB NO MORE! Just kidding.

Government shutdowns are always funny talk. I always love when one party threatens it to the other and then we go back and forth with lopsided legislation until the night before the proposed shutdown. Then, everyone puts their big boy pants on and acts like a real adult and passes something that actually makes sense for everyone. Well, that is what used to happen.

Many of you might have arisen from your beds today to see gates on federal buildings. Well, dang it, that’s really annoying isn’t it?  I was a bit peeved, I can admit. But nothing got me more flabbergasted than performing this small task: Click on this link to the visit the TTB Online website.

Yep, that is right, the TTB is no more. Well, not exactly. Just the websites. So before you get all excited about not needing to file for a permit, pay taxes, get label approval, let me take you back to reality. The government still wants your money, they just don’t want to provide you with useful services. Read here about their shutdown of websites only. It’s a comedy of sorts, one that will hopefully be short lived.

In any event, label submitters are probably extremely angry today. They have good reason to be. Without TTB’s COLAs Online (check out this link and laugh) submitting labels becomes an impossibility. Licensing services are also on hold.

So let’s all hope they get this thing settled. Quickly.



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