$1,800 Bomber? Sheesh.

CellarIf you have the self-discipline to keep a stocked cellar of beer, good on you. And, if you happen to have a bomber of Midnight Sun’s “M” back from 2006, heads up: you’re sitting on a goldmine. With beer auctions no longer on eBay, Auction Houses are picking up where the online giant left off. And, boy, can it be big business. Recently, we saw that Midnight Sun M barleywine has drawn as many as 1,800 green ones. Yowzers. That’s right around $81 an ounce, a price that’s been holding steady for the last couple of years. Of course, it absolutely stings to be the brewery, watching your brews draw big bucks when you sold them for a reasonable amount in the first place.

Auctioning—as it has been in the wine business—is a reality for breweries these days. And, brewers are starting to embrace the increased consumer interest in “vintage” beer by cellaring more and more of their own. After all, there’s nothing like skipping a visit to the bank but still getting a major cash infusion…just by clearing out the basement!

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