Cider by the Growler? Fingers Crossed!

Growlers of Cider in Washington State?Growler fills are a thing of glory. Fresh brew from the tap for you, and nice reusable packaging for Mother Nature, too. However, not everyone is crazy about Washington’s growler-related laws, and for good reason. Ever wonder why you can get a growler of beer, but you can’t fill up a growler of cider? Producers, retailers, consumers, and now state legislators have been asking the same question. Hopefully, this legislative session we’ll see some change.

Last year, Rep. Sam Hunt introduced House Bill 1008 to directly level the growler playing field. The bill was squashed, though, amid fears that allowing carryout of cider (which is considered a wine for federal tax purposes) would run afoul of federal law. Turns out, those who wish to sell growlers-o-cider just need appropriate permitting from the TTB, so Washington’s growler limitations are a creature of state law, not federal.

The good news is, HB 1008 has been reintroduced this 2014 session, and is working its way through the legislative process. So far, so good.

More growlers of freshly fermented delicious will be a good thing, so we have our fingers crossed HB 1008 soon turns into law. We’ll have our growlers cleaned and ready!

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