Greetings from NHC 2014, Where Ciders and Sours Abound!

Day one of the National Homebrewers Conference is in the books and day two is shaping up to be just as much fun! No doubt about it, Grand Rapids, MI is abuzz with ambitious homebrewers and homebrewers-turned-pros, all geeking out over the latest brew gadgets, techniques, and trends. Indeed, some of the most boundary-pushing brewers and soon-to-be commercial breweries emerge from turkey-stand-laden backyards. For that reason, the seminar schedule is a good place to go to see what’s on the upswing and what we should expect out on shelves and in our local watering holes before too long. This year, the conference has a diverse set of offerings, but the slant of the schedule confirms what we’re all sensing: we should expect to see a whole lot more of cider. And, given consumers’ uptick in sour & funk interest, more and more homebrewers are wanting to give the bugs a go, while learning to harvest wild yeast from all sorts of places, too. Here’s to fellow homebrewers and our adventures in brewing. Wishing you all a fun, rewarding, (and at times, I hope, very delicious) NHC 2014!

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