Brewery Record-Keeping Requirements from TTB

We all know beverage businesses are subject to an array of complicated regulations. (Alas, such is life!)

Arguably the least exciting of those regulations are a brewery’s constant record-keeping requirements. In addition to meeting any record-keeping obligations at the state level, a brewery must follow all the federal regulations imposed by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and right now, TTB requires that breweries keep detailed daily records of the following sorts of information:

-Material received and used in producing beer.
-Beer removed for consumption or sale, including quantities and dates, and for certain purchases the name of the person receiving the beer.
-Packaged beer used for “laboratory samples” at the brewery. (Which reminds me, I’ll gladly volunteer to be a laboratory sampler. Standing offer!)
-Beer consumed at the brewery or returned to the brewery.
-Beer reconditioned, used as material, or destroyed.
-Beer lost due to breakage/theft/etc.

None of these requirements is too surprising, but it’s worth noting—especially because, as a brewery’s retail and distribution plans get more complicated, it can be easy to overlook this basic compliance stuff. You can find a full list of federal brewery record-keeping obligations here, and your local beer attorney can help you wade through details at the state level.

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