Lagunitas to Sierra Nevada: Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Edit 1/14/2015 at 2:06pm PST: Indeed, Lagunitas dismissed the lawsuit. Thanks to Twitter for breaking the news and the screen cap. As this fellow beer attorney points out and helpfully includes the filing, it’s dismissed in a way that Lagunitas could sue again, but I think we know what kind of uproar that would cause. That said, if anything was ever going to associate those two marks in consumer’s minds, certainly now this lawsuit will!

  See our coverage yesterday on the Lagunitas – Sierra Nevada lawsuit, directing you to the public’s overwhelming reaction in favor of Sierra Nevada. Lagunitas owner Tony Magee, via the tweets below, called yesterday the “worst day ever” in the brewery’s history and vowed to drop the lawsuit this morning. We’ll report back if that’s the case. Some Twitter followers are asking Tony Magee to apologize. Indeed, this particular dispute-that-was may well beat out the Magic Hat / West Sixth catastrophe. Turns out the increasingly trademark-savvy public is quick to defend even the big guys, too.

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