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The Brewery Law Blog was created as an effort to produce a dialogue on interesting regulation and legal issues facing the brewers of Washington state. Our beer industry has grown exponentially over the past few years and now more than ever, the brewing business has become a large part of the Washington business spectrum.

With that success comes exposure to more troubling legal dilemmas and more oppressive legal regulation. Brewery Law provides up to date information about the problems that should be troubling brewing businesses and ways to try and alleviate those pressures.

Brewery Law is brought to you by Reiser Legal | PLLC, a Seattle based law office focusing on risk management for small businesses in Washington state. Reiser Legal represents businesses, contractors and brewers in a wealth of legal disputes, transactional affairs, and counseling necessities. The office is managed by Douglas Reiser, attorney and LEED AP, licensed in Washington and Louisiana.

Reiser Legal | PLLC provides flat rate services for all brewers and other companies in the brewing industry.  The office provides flat fee formation, licensing, permitting, and contract packages. We also file label requests and help you navigate through the difficult advertising regulations that plague your company.

Contact us to discuss why our office can provide the legal and consulting services your company needs, to keep it brewing.

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