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Avoiding a Brewery Trademark Dispute: Here’s How.

The latest brewery trademark dispute has the same notes, just a different rhythm. This time the matter involves Austin, Texas-based brewery Oasis and the much larger New Belgium. I spoke with Ronnie Crocker at the Houston Chronicle, who wrote this insightful article covering the latest dispute. As I noted to Ronnie in the article, and […]

Washington Brewery Law Resources

Opening and running a brewery is complicated, and Washington Brewery Law Resources aren’t necessarily all neatly gathered in one place. It can be hard to know where to look when your curiosity encourages you to start poking around. Today, I’ll do my best to help you start your research on how breweries in Washington State […]

Craft Beer Musings from Seattle: On Elysian, that Budweiser Super Bowl Ad, and our Dear Seahawks

So, I’m a Seattle-based craft brewery attorney. Between the announcement that Anheuser-Busch InBev purchased Seattle-based Elysian Brewing Company last week, that now-infamous Budweiser Super Bowl commercial poking fun at craft beer, and then that bummer of a Seahawks loss, it’s all felt a little personal lately. So, here I am with some thoughts and observations […]

Brewery Start-up Series #7: When to Sign a Brewery Lease

When you’re thinking about starting a brewery, it’s easy to feel daunted by the cost of it all. As we’ve covered elsewhere, there are strategies to get around those brewery start-up costs—and oftentimes funds are out there. (See all of our Brewery Start-up Series here.) Still, no matter how you fund the brewery, a significant […]

Starting a Brewery Law Practice: My CLE Series with LexVid

The brewing business sure is brewing, isn’t it? With this growth has come a need for beverage-savvy attorneys across the United States. Breweries are getting bigger. They’re doing innovative things. They’re collaborating. They’re releasing more brands. They’re pushing the edges of the regs. They’re advocating for changes. They’re looking for a path forward, and they […]

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