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Brewery Start-up Series #7: When to Sign a Brewery Lease

When you’re thinking about starting a brewery, it’s easy to feel daunted by the cost of it all. As we’ve covered elsewhere, there are strategies to get around those brewery start-up costs—and oftentimes funds are out there. (See all of our Brewery Start-up Series here.) Still, no matter how you fund the brewery, a significant […]

Starting a Brewery Law Practice: My CLE Series with LexVid

The brewing business sure is brewing, isn’t it? With this growth has come a need for beverage-savvy attorneys across the United States. Breweries are getting bigger. They’re doing innovative things. They’re collaborating. They’re releasing more brands. They’re pushing the edges of the regs. They’re advocating for changes. They’re looking for a path forward, and they […]

Brewery Start-up Series: Checklist for Planning a Brewery #5 (Brewery Opening Timeline)

Today in the Brewery Start-up Series we’re tackling the brewery opening timeline. When you’re opening a brewery, what comes first? When do you need to take serious steps, such as signing a lease? Or, when do you need to apply for a brewing license or permitting? Let’s get to it. I’ve put together ten steps to […]

Brewery Start-up Series: Checklist for Planning a Brewery #4 (Writing a Brewery Business Plan)

This time in the Brewery Start-up Series, we’re discussing the Brewery Business Plan. I frequently hear from brewery start-ups who know they should have a business plan together, but aren’t sure why or what to include in it. It might be that calling it a “business plan” makes it seem like something fancier than it […]

Brewery Start-up Series: Checklist for Planning a Brewery #3 (Choosing a Brewery Business Structure)

Our last Brewery Start-up Series posts (here and here) have covered aspects of brewery business planning and putting together a Brewery Operating Agreement. This time, we’re discussing brewery entity selection. In other words, what formal business structure should your brewery choose? Choosing a Brewery Business Structure Like most matters during the start-up process, your decision on […]

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