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Greetings from CBC 2014!

Right now, Reiser Legal is out in Denver at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference. If you’re out in this part of the world too, definitely get in touch with us, through this blog or otherwise—we’d love to meet up and say hello! This year’s CBC has so far proven as informative and fun as ever, […]

Using Metatags: Do You Know What’s Under the Hood of Your Website?

These days, having a solid website is a big part of building any brand. But, if the building process of that website is left unattended, the site can actually be a surprising (and maybe sort of ridiculous) source of legal liability, too. We’re talking about metatags. If you’re not familiar with metatags, they’re a portion […]

Keyword Advertising: Is it okay to buy your competitor’s brewery or beer name as a Google AdWord?

Fortunately for new and existing breweries, it typically doesn’t take long for resident and visiting beer aficionados to find you and check you out. Of course, there’s value in having a marketing strategy as a part of your business plan, and for some breweries that includes using Google AdWords. For those not familiar with the […]

Brewery Zoning & Permitting Issues Can Be Costly, But Largely Preventable.

After years of perfecting recipes, then naming the brewery, securing funding, and seeing how close your dream is to becoming reality, there’s no doubt that breweries are eager to get brewing on a big scale. Even for existing breweries, expansion into a new, bigger facility is a really exciting thing. But, all too often, we’ve […]

$1,800 Bomber? Sheesh.

If you have the self-discipline to keep a stocked cellar of beer, good on you. And, if you happen to have a bomber of Midnight Sun’s “M” back from 2006, heads up: you’re sitting on a goldmine. With beer auctions no longer on eBay, Auction Houses are picking up where the online giant left off. […]

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