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In the News: Reforming Beer Franchise Laws

If you haven’t checked out the “Free Craft Beer!” New York Times Op-Ed from March 29, 2014, it’s worth a read here. Steve Hindy from Brooklyn Brewery, in collaboration with the gang at the Brewers Association, put out thoughtful commentary on so-called “franchise laws,” asking for change. Following up in the last couple of days, […]

South Carolina’s “Stone Bill” in Committee, Looks Promising

Today, we wanted to tip our hats to (and cross our fingers for) all our friends over in South Carolina. In recent weeks, craft beer supporters have come out in droves to encourage changes to the state’s restrictive beverage laws. What has become known as the “Stone Bill” has made it to committee and, with […]

Things Still Tense in Florida Over Recently Revised SB1714

For the Florida beer industry, all eyes are on the legislature, where the clock is ticking, with four days left of the session. The still-in-the-works contentious Senate Bill 1714 would make drastic changes to the state’s distribution system, limiting brewers’ ability to sell their own beer and putting more power in the hands of distributors. […]

Growler Fills in Florida: Them’s Fightin’ Words!

We all know the law can be filled with forehead slappers. Such is the case for growler fills in Florida right now, with a nasty David-meets-Goliath sort of fight spilling over into the legislature, too. What we really see, though, is a form of legislative cronyism at its best (well, worst). Here’s what’s going on. […]

ABV Limits: A Loss for Consumers and Competition Alike

If you don’t live or brew in a state with an ABV limit, you may not know such a thing exists. But, for brewers and consumers stationed in the states that do, the limits have a big impact on what you can find on the shelves and put in the brite tank. Just as you […]

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