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Growler Fills in Florida: Them’s Fightin’ Words!

We all know the law can be filled with forehead slappers. Such is the case for growler fills in Florida right now, with a nasty David-meets-Goliath sort of fight spilling over into the legislature, too. What we really see, though, is a form of legislative cronyism at its best (well, worst). Here’s what’s going on. […]

ABV Limits: A Loss for Consumers and Competition Alike

If you don’t live or brew in a state with an ABV limit, you may not know such a thing exists. But, for brewers and consumers stationed in the states that do, the limits have a big impact on what you can find on the shelves and put in the brite tank. Just as you […]

The Beer End User Licensing Agreement: Genius Idea To Put a Curb On The Beer Black Market?

  NOTE: April Fools! A great joke from Bill Night at It’s Pub Night – that for once has something to do with law. Kudos to Bill.   Stone Brewing is so damn clever. For years, brewers have been posting diatribes about the underground beer resellers market on eBay. I don’t blame them, these resellers […]

Microbrew Heavyweight Goose Island Sold to Anheuser-Busch

Well, this ought to put a bad taste in some people’s mouths. One of the best and brightest in US microbrew has been sold to Anheuser-Busch (A-B). The world leader in beer will take over the brewing operations, but the two Chicago micropubs will remain held by the brand’s original owners. A-B purchased a 58% […]

I-1100 Fails: Is This The End of Deregulation Talk?

Well, its over. Both of the private liquor initiatives have failed to win the hearts of Washington voters. Even though there are still some votes to count, the battle is over. But why did voters not embrace this initiative? This year the elections were charged by an eagerness to reduce taxes and eliminate the government […]

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