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Open a Brewery the Affordable and Easy Way.

This post is for the dreamers—those who want to open a brewery, without giving up their primary careers just yet. I’m here to say it’s possible—promising, even. So, here are my thoughts on how you can invest in yourself. You can open up a brewery the easy and affordable way, without sinking cash into mega start-up costs. Here’s […]

Brewery Record-Keeping Requirements from TTB

We all know beverage businesses are subject to an array of complicated regulations. (Alas, such is life!) Arguably the least exciting of those regulations are a brewery’s constant record-keeping requirements. In addition to meeting any record-keeping obligations at the state level, a brewery must follow all the federal regulations imposed by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and […]


Back to our regularly-scheduled programming. In our last content post, we promised an exploration of problems with protectionist legislation. In other words, laws that help in-staters while hurting out-of-staters, and why it’s no good for the brewing industry at large. Before getting there, though, today’s part of the discussion involves state concerns leading up to […]

TTB Issues New Rule Exempting Barrel-aged and Specialty Beers from COLA Formula Requirements

We all know that when you’re shipping a beer into interstate commerce, it needs a TTB-approved label (also known as a certificate of label approval or a COLA). This past week, TTB issued Ruling 2014-4 that hands down some good news for a lot of producers throughout the country. In the past, TTB required brewers […]

New FTC Report Makes Marketing Recommendations to Alcoholic Beverage Industry

The Federal Trade Commission has recently released its fourth report on self-regulation in the alcohol industry. The report chiefly concerns initiatives to address underage exposure to alcohol marketing, and it’s worth a read to get a sense of FTC concerns about alcohol advertising in new and emerging media. Below are FTC’s key recommendations: 1. Brewers […]

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