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TTB Issues New Rule Exempting Barrel-aged and Specialty Beers from COLA Formula Requirements

We all know that when you’re shipping a beer into interstate commerce, it needs a TTB-approved label (also known as a certificate of label approval or a COLA). This past week, TTB issued Ruling 2014-4 that hands down some good news for a lot of producers throughout the country. In the past, TTB required brewers […]

New FTC Report Makes Marketing Recommendations to Alcoholic Beverage Industry

The Federal Trade Commission has recently released its fourth report on self-regulation in the alcohol industry. The report chiefly concerns initiatives to address underage exposure to alcohol marketing, and it’s worth a read to get a sense of FTC concerns about alcohol advertising in new and emerging media. Below are FTC’s key recommendations: 1. Brewers […]

Can Brewery Taproom Managers Split Tips with Staff?

Tip splitting or pooling is common practice, especially in busy bars and breweries. It’s generally legal, but only under certain circumstances. To that, one question we’re often asked is whether it’s okay for taproom managers to also receive a split of the tips. The answer depends on both federal and state law, so it’s best […]

FDA to Revisit Proposed Regulation of Spent Grain

A couple of months back in a guest post, our good friend and fellow beer attorney Brook Bristow provided a thoughtful overview of proposed regulations from FDA. The potential regs would affect brewers’ ability to sell their spent grain to farmers, requiring strict handling, testing, and record-keeping processes. Since the post, the Brewers Association and […]

I Want My Beer By Delivery Drone!

Put this piece of beer news in the bizarre column. We may not have jet packs yet, but drones are a real thing. So real that a Minnesota brewery, Lakemaid, has been testing a drone-delivery system that would drop off frosty ones to ice fishermen in their isolated shacks. Cheers to Lakemaid for the ingenuity. Unfortunately, […]

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