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FDA to Revisit Proposed Regulation of Spent Grain

A couple of months back in a guest post, our good friend and fellow beer attorney Brook Bristow provided a thoughtful overview of proposed regulations from FDA. The potential regs would affect brewers’ ability to sell their spent grain to farmers, requiring strict handling, testing, and record-keeping processes. Since the post, the Brewers Association and […]

I Want My Beer By Delivery Drone!

Put this piece of beer news in the bizarre column. We may not have jet packs yet, but drones are a real thing. So real that a Minnesota brewery, Lakemaid, has been testing a drone-delivery system that would drop off frosty ones to ice fishermen in their isolated shacks. Cheers to Lakemaid for the ingenuity. Unfortunately, […]

Posting ABV is “Illegal” in Maine?

It’s always interesting to compare beer laws from state to state. As we all know, this regulation stuff is a maze no matter where you call home. The most recent head scratcher we came across hailed from Maine. Evidently, regulators there don’t let you post a beer’s ABV on sign boards and menus. These days, […]

Cider by the Growler? Fingers Crossed!

Growler fills are a thing of glory. Fresh brew from the tap for you, and nice reusable packaging for Mother Nature, too. However, not everyone is crazy about Washington’s growler-related laws, and for good reason. Ever wonder why you can get a growler of beer, but you can’t fill up a growler of cider? Producers, […]

Spent Grain Woes From Your Good Ole FDA Friends

Today’s post comes from our good friend, colleague and craft beverage taste analysis partner,  Brook Bristow. Brook is an associate at the Greenville, SC firm of Bradford Neal Martin & Associates, PA and a supposedly good homebrewer (though no evidence has ever been offered). Thanks to Brook for the incredibly timely piece on brewers grain being fed to farm […]

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