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FDA to Revisit Proposed Regulation of Spent Grain

A couple of months back in a guest post, our good friend and fellow beer attorney Brook Bristow provided a thoughtful overview of proposed regulations from FDA. The potential regs would affect brewers’ ability to sell their spent grain to farmers, requiring strict handling, testing, and record-keeping processes. Since the post, the Brewers Association and […]

Green Brewing Initiatives with Emerging Wastewater Technology

WaterWorld. Yes, there’s that one movie, but the WaterWorld we’re talking about is actually an online resource that reports on global water and wastewater news and technology. The website frequently covers developments in the brewing industry, including legislation affecting water quality standards. And, recently, the site caught our eye with its nice overview of water-related […]

Washington Legislators Consider Bottle Bill to Encourage Recycling

As environmentally conscious as leaders in the brewing industry are, deep down, we all know that bottles and packaging don’t always wind up in recycling bins. For Washington brewers, however, a “Bottle Bill” initiative before legislators is poised to help make sure bottles do end up where they belong. Before we discuss it, a bit […]

Help Build Asheville’s New Treasure – The New Belgium Brewery

Well, most of you may know that I began my legal career in construction. A central focus of my legal services includes green building, a topic that I have covered several times in conjunction with brewery law.   The City of Asheville, North Carolina has a lot to celebrate in the world of beer. New […]

Sustainable Brewing Is Not Just A Good Idea – It’s Happening All Around The Country

  The two things that drive my professional career – sustainability and brewing. As a green building attorney, I have spent my entire career following building that trends that make buildings more efficient, more effective and cleaner. The past few years have shown great examples of the integration of green building and brewing. Needless to […]

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