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Growler Fills in Florida: Them’s Fightin’ Words!

We all know the law can be filled with forehead slappers. Such is the case for growler fills in Florida right now, with a nasty David-meets-Goliath sort of fight spilling over into the legislature, too. What we really see, though, is a form of legislative cronyism at its best (well, worst). Here’s what’s going on. […]

Look Out for Wisconsin: State Beer Commission a Possibility

Washington legislators are considering a bill that would set up a beer commission to promote the state’s beer, a la the dairy industry and its milk marketing: “Got Beer?” Wisconsin sure does, and wants more of it. The author of the bill, Rep. Gary Tauchen has stated that he’d like to make Wisconsin the “Napa […]

ABV Limits: A Loss for Consumers and Competition Alike

If you don’t live or brew in a state with an ABV limit, you may not know such a thing exists. But, for brewers and consumers stationed in the states that do, the limits have a big impact on what you can find on the shelves and put in the brite tank. Just as you […]

Guild Efforts Pay Off Again in Virginia: Farm Brewery Bill Before the Governor

This legislative session, the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild has found lobbying success yet again. Over the past few years, the Guild has sought passage of key bills to fuel the state’s tremendous brewing growth. Among them was Senate Bill 604, which paved the way for taproom consumption in 2012 (and, since then, Virginia has seen […]

Michigan Sees Gold in Hop Industry, Introduces “Farm to Glass” Bill

With the boom in home and commercial brewing, hop shortages have become a real problem. And, Midwestern states are trying to ramp up production to meet demand, gaining ground on the successful hop industry out in other parts of the US. Michigan, in particular, is eager to establish itself as the Midwest’s premier source of […]

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