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The TTB Modernizes? Shelton Brothers Push The F’ing Envelope

First of all, big thanks to my favorite beverage law blog – BevLog – for bringing this to my attention. It appears that the often fearless Daniel Shelton, of famed beverage importer Shelton Brothers, has decided that the “queen mother of dirty words” (thanks Ralph) no longer meets the definition of “obscene or indecent.” Because […]

TTB Continues Impressive Streamlining of Its Procedures

  Back in September, I mentioned that the TTB had decided to try and cut the fat from its existing COLA procedures. My article discussed one of their efforts, a reduction of the personalized label submission requirements. But the TTB has been streamlining its procedures elsewhere.   Thanks to the good people at BevLog (a […]

Beer Formulas: Collaboration Between Stone, Firestone and 21st Amendment Raises Eyebrows

Well this might not be a topic for dispute, but Stone Brewing‘s latest triangular collaboration has quite a label. The beer – El Camino (Un) Real Black Ale. The new beer is a collaboration between Stone Brewing, 21st Amendment and Firestone Walker, three of California’s finest brewers. From a quick look at the ingredients, this […]

Bevlog: A Useful and Entertaining Resource for Brewers

Bevlog is at the center of label submissions – needless to say, this Flying Dog label didn’t slide through I stumbled across a wonderful website that is both informative and incredibly entertaining/intriguing that I thought we would share with the rest of you. I have been searching for a viable and intriguing beer law blog […]

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