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A Note on Trademark Dominance; A Fresh Look at “Natty Greene’s” and “Natty Light.”

This past week, we’ve seen blogs light up with coverage of the “Natty Greene’s” trademark spat. It’s a simple one: a craft brewery has recently applied for the “Natty Greene’s” trademark and Anheuser-Busch InBev already holds a similar trademark in “Natty Light.” InBev is opposing the trademark application, saying it’s too close to theirs. There’s […]

Stone Brewing in the News: Trademark Tussle & SC Bill Passage

Big brewing operations can sometimes be divisive, even ones with great senses of humor and solid reputations to match, like California’s Stone Brewing—the 10th-biggest brewer in the US. On the one hand, South Carolina is on the verge of making momentous changes to their beer laws, spurred in part to attract Stone Brewing in the […]

Big Ups to Danielle – We Sure Are Glad to Have Her!

Back in December, I had an epiphany. The craft beer industry is on a serious rise – and as a result so is Reiser Legal. More clients, doing bigger and better things, making more and more types of brands, all means that Reiser Legal needs to wholly embrace the intellectual property world.  And so we have. […]

Magistrate Judge Recommends Granting Motion to Intervene in Alamo Beer Dispute: Texas Likely in the Fight

As we’ve been reporting, the State of Texas has asserted superior rights to use ALAMO as a trademark. They want in on a lawsuit between Alamo Beer and Texian Brewing Co. that involves use of ALAMO as a trademark as well as use of the historic Alamo’s iconic silhouette. Putting the merits of all of […]

Left Hand Answers Complaint in Lawsuit Over “Black Jack” and “Sawtooth”

Left Hand has answered the complaint in the DuClaw v. Left Hand dispute over the right to use BLACK JACK and SAWTOOTH on beers. Left Hand raises, count ‘em, 18 affirmative defenses and a number of counterclaims. Review our original coverage of this matter here. In a nutshell, it’s a case of a junior user registrant […]

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