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Avoiding a Brewery Trademark Dispute: Here’s How.

The latest brewery trademark dispute has the same notes, just a different rhythm. This time the matter involves Austin, Texas-based brewery Oasis and the much larger New Belgium. I spoke with Ronnie Crocker at the Houston Chronicle, who wrote this insightful article covering the latest dispute. As I noted to Ronnie in the article, and […]

Big Ups to Danielle – We Sure Are Glad to Have Her!

Back in December, I had an epiphany. The craft beer industry is on a serious rise – and as a result so is Reiser Legal. More clients, doing bigger and better things, making more and more types of brands, all means that Reiser Legal needs to wholly embrace the intellectual property world.  And so we have. […]

Calling All Brewery Lawyers

To all of the wonderful readers on the Brewery Law – thanks. The overwhelming amount of response I have had from brewers around the country has been humbling. I promise to keep on with the blog. It’s been a blast.   In the meantime, I wanted to do something I normally do not: Talk to […]

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