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The Gist of Louisiana Brewing Laws

An astute brewing law enquirer emailed me today. His question was simple – what the hell is up with these Louisiana brewing laws? Can we produce beer higher than 6%? I don’t blame him for asking. Unfortunately, Louisiana brewery law is about as antiquated as it gets. With only a handful of breweries to help […]

Louisiana ATC Throws a Bone to Brewers – Explains Tasting Room Rules

  Many moons ago, I had a premature party over the passage of a law that I thought might have an impact on opening up taprooms to brewers in Louisiana. It turned out that the law was directed only at distillers (strange, right? distillers need a tasting room more than brewers?).  But it never was […]

Breweries Willing to Get Started Earlier With Their Pilot, See Benefits

***NOTE: I have had two comments now from confused readers regarding my use of the term of “Pilot.” I use the term pilot to refer to a brewery’s test system – the brewing equipment used to prepare small batches of beer. My use does not include the TTB’s use in the “pilot brewery license,” which […]

Correction on SB 64 – New Law Does Not Apply to Breweries

  A few days ago, I published a post about the passage of SB 64. At the time, I believed that the law would provide breweries with the opportunity to open taprooms and sell beer at retail to consumers. Turns out, I was most likely wrong.   Thanks to some super sleuthing from Parish Brewing […]

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