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More on Trademarks: The Fallout from the “Apocalypse” Dispute

A couple of weeks ago, two Oregon breweries ended at least their portion of a multibrewery dispute over the word “Apocalypse” and beer. We would say resolved, but that word seems to have a happy connotation. Happy, this was not. What was once “Apocalypse Brewing Company” in Medford, Oregon is now “Opposition Brewing Company” (and, […]

Don’t Wait Too Long To Protect Your Brewery Brand

    Many brewers think that their brand is an afterthought. Others believe it is the end-all-be-all to their success. Well, there is no doubt that a brewer’s brand is incredibly valuable. The logo, design, and copy on the packaging all require attention – early on.   So I am often asked by brewers to […]

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