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Hugs from the City for Russian River and Three Floyds

How do you know you’ve made it as a brewer? How about when, in conjunction with your latest beer release, the city foots the bill for port-a-johns? Or, when the city also offers to throw you a party, coordinating live music and food trucks for the release, and you’re in the position to politely decline? […]

Don’t Blame Pliny: Out of State Brewers Have Big Issues With Washington Distribution Laws

By now, many of you Washingtonians have probably cried your last tears into your Pliny bottle. That’s right, Pliny and the rest of the Russian River gang have bid ado to the Washington market. The reason for the departure was put forth in a short letter, well-written by Russian River Matriarch, Natalie Cilurzo. The letter […]

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